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Juliet Balconies in Bradford

Leeds and Throughout West Yorkshire

With space at a premium, homeowners increasingly turn to cost-effective methods of improving conditions. For this reason, Juliet balconies have only risen in popularity. Also known as the balconette or false balcony, the Juliet combines a railing and glass panel so that you can enjoy the atmosphere of the outdoors from inside the home. If you live in Leeds, Bradford or the surrounding areas and feel like a Juliet balcony may be right for you, then our team is ready to assist.

Its namesake taken from the famous Shakespeare play, this balcony adds style to the home and can even make it more appealing to potential buyers. Many apartments in the UK now include Juliet balconies as a way to save both space and money whilst creating a more welcoming environment for residents.

Please contact Cape Group Ltd for design, fabrication and installation. We also construct mezzanine floors around the West Yorkshire area.

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Juliet Balconies | What Makes Them So Popular?

Traditional balconies that extend from the property can prove expensive. They also tend to need planning permission from the local authority, causing more fuss than you might like. Thankfully, Juliet balconies only rarely demand this permission, involve fewer costs overall and feature a quicker installation process.

The Illusion of Space

While a Juliet balcony won’t physically add more space, it does achieve a similar effect. Suitable for both domestic and commercial use, the balcony allows light to filter indoors, making for a brighter living environment. It also gives you a better view of the surrounding area, whether you’re in Leeds, Bradford or the wider West Yorkshire region.

Easy to Maintain

It only takes warm soap and water for the glass panel to look as good as new. Your railing will also look great in the long run with very little maintenance, largely due to the high-quality steel fitted by our experienced team. Compare this to traditional balconies that extend from the property, which can collect debris on a windy day.

Safety First

With toughened safety glass, strong metal railings, reliable wall fixings, brackets and clamps, Juliet balconies keep homeowners safe. You will be able to lean on the balcony on warm summer days, open the doors fully without fear of damaging the glass, and watch the world go by without ever leaving the comfort of the home. If the glass ever needs replacing, then this can usually be done from the inside without the dangers of working at height.

At Cape Group Ltd, we develop timeless Juliet balconies in line with building regulations for excellent safety and the needs of the end user firmly in mind. We serve as a steel stockholder and supplier, as well as a team of structural engineers – giving our customers a complete fabrication and fitting service from start to delivery.

To discover if Juliet balconies could suit your home in Leeds, Bradford or the neighbouring areas, please contact our team on 0113 345 3220 or 07803 478436.

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Unit 25B Cape Industrial Estate, Farsley, Leeds, LS28 5NA