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Unit 25B Cape Industrial Estate, Farsley, Leeds, LS28 5NA

Metal Gates in Leeds From the Trusted Steel Supplier

How Could You Benefit From Gates and Railings?

Although wooden fencing continues to prove popular, you should never underestimate the power of metal gates and railings. Despite costing more, they offer a wealth of benefits that you just don’t get from the wooden alternatives. Cape Group Ltd is a structural steel supplier based in Leeds, with a team of steel fabricators who have a talent for metalwork. From the delivery of steel beams to metal gates and balustrades, we support homeowners and structural engineers alike.

We provide affordable gates of a high quality. As such, our team has become a preferred choice for cost-savvy homeowners in Leeds looking for a decorative boundary from a renowned steel supplier.

Below, we cover the main benefits of owning a metal gate. If you have questions about steel beams or need help from our steel fabricators and structural engineers, please get in touch.

A More Secure Home or Business

Metal gates and railings deter would-be intruders and therefore help to keep the property secure. Unlike fencing, which can obscure your landscape from the public, gates and railings tend to allow greater visibility. Contrary to what most homeowners believe, this only helps to reduce break-ins. Galvanised gates in Leeds are also more challenging to vandalise than fencing. This strength also applies to steel beams and all other products from our talented steel fabricators.

Old-World Elegance

There’s a good reason why you often see metal gates in front of prestige homes. Evocative of the Victorian period, these boundaries lend the property a unique appearance. If you’re looking to turn a few heads by adding metal gates or railings to your Leeds premises, then choose Cape Group Ltd as your steel supplier. We also work as structural engineers, which means we can offer a full supply-and-fitting service.

A Damage-Resistant Option

Steel beams and metal gates feature one thing in common; they both provide a huge amount of structural strength. Anyone looking for a formidable barrier in Leeds can benefit by choosing us as their steel supplier. Our gates protect against damage and corrosion, coming fully galvanised on request to prevent the onset of rust. In fact, galvanised steel can hold its appeal for over fifty years with little maintenance.

Serving homeowners, structural engineers and clients from all sectors, our steel fabricators can provide gates, railings, balustrades, steel beams and more in great time. As a steel supplier based in Leeds, we pride ourselves in the delivery of hardwearing products across the region.

A Personal Touch

Metal gates and railings let you add a touch of your own personality. As steel fabricators, we can collaborate with you to create a unique design that befits your property. From straight and simple balustrades to decorative motifs, our experts can supply and fit an appealing gate or railing that speaks to your specific visual tastes.

From homeowners in Leeds to structural engineers in need of steel beams from a longstanding steel supplier, customers from all walks of life can contact Cape Group Ltd for a friendly service.

To learn more about the metal gates, railings and steel beams that we supply, please call 0113 345 3220 or 07803 478436. We are the steel supplier for home and business owners in the Leeds area.

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Unit 25B Cape Industrial Estate, Farsley, Leeds, LS28 5NA