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Steel Beams in York

The Overlooked Advantages of Steel Beams and Metal Gates

Structural engineers and steel fabricators know the many benefits of using steel beams in construction. Of course, these hardwearing universal beams lend durable support for domestic and commercial projects – but there are some advantages that the average reader might fail to consider. As an experienced steel supplier serving the whole of York, Cape Group Ltd understands the benefits all too well and can outline them for your understanding. Our team also fabricates metal gates, steel staircases and architectural metalwork with professional care.

Few construction materials are quite as popular as I-beams or rolled steel joists. They come in various sizes and are nearly always made of structural steel. Below, we discuss the more overlooked advantages of using steel beams for structural support.

Great for the Environment

Going green is more popular than ever, and you can do your part in the York area by using quality steel. This is because steel beams are made of recycled materials and can be recycled again at a later date. In addition, the precision of the joints helps to form a thermally efficient space. Steel H-beams and metal gates last long into the future, meaning you won’t have to call for a steel supplier, structural engineers or your local steel fabricators down the line. This once-and-done approach is much better for the environment.

A Versatile Option

We all know that steel beams provide load-bearing support to domestic, commercial and industrial projects throughout York. However, you might not know just how versatile they can be. The fabrication process cuts, shapes, and bends the steel to meet client orders while avoiding delays. Easy to cut to the proper length, RSJ beams fulfil all manner of building needs – from large-scale construction to more simplistic extensions.

Resistant to All Conditions

Did you know that steel beams offer the highest strength-to-weight ratio available to the building industry? This resilience explains why structural engineers and steel fabricators continue to use them across York and the surrounding areas. They hold firm in hurricanes, can withstand earthquakes and are fire retardant without the need for chemical treatments. And yet, despite all of these advantages, steel also comes at a highly affordable cost.

At Cape Group Ltd, we don’t just act as a steel supplier. We also provide metal gates, balustrades and railings, all of which stand firm against the country’s adverse weather systems.

Faster Construction Times

Not only are steel beams, channels and box sections relatively simple to work with, but they also make installation an easier process. Fabricated before arrival, they avoid needless delays that could push back the phases of development. Naturally, the speed of the process keeps stress levels to a minimum, while the use of a reliable steel supplier helps reduce development problems in the York area.

We understand that time is so often of the essence. For this reason, our steel fabricators and structural engineers will go that extra mile to provide the services you need, and at the time you need them.

From universal columns and beams to galvanised metal gates, our team caters to a wide range of needs. We also install gates and railings with outstanding results.

Please call 0113 345 3220 or 07803 478436 for steel beams and metal gates delivered for your project in the York area.

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Unit 25B Cape Industrial Estate, Farsley, Leeds, LS28 5NA